Bird agrees to suspend electric scooter operation in Nashville


Electric Bird scooters will no longer be allowed around Nashville, at least for now.

The scooter company on Thursday agreed to suspend its operations.

Metro Public Works has been confiscating the scooters over the past couple of weeks, collecting more than 300 on Thursday, alone.

The agreement comes less than 24 hours after Metro’s legal office sent an ultimatum, ordering Bird to remove all scooters from public rights of way in Nashville or pay a fine.

News 2 reached out to the company, which released this statement:

We are glad to be working with the Nashville mayor and city council to build a framework that permits affordable transportation options that help the city reach its goals of getting cars off the road and reducing emissions. While this work is underway, we have agreed to remove our scooters from the streets of Nashville. We hope the ordinance is completed as soon as possible so we can get back to helping people easily get around Nashville. – Bird Spokesman Kenneth Baer.

Councilman Jeremy Elrod said it’s a positive step towards finding the best set of regulations for dockless vehicles.

Elrod said he hopes it’ll address educating the public on safety, proper use, and etiquette, and also the number of scooters around town.

“As Nashville opens itself up to these companies, there’s going to be several of them, said Elrod. “All of us we have to slowly roll them out as a city so we’re not inundated with dockless scooters, dockless bikes, dockless electric bikes, and work with the companies. I think it’ll be a good partnership once we get everything in place.”

Elrod adds based on the agreement, the city will return all the bird scooters it has confiscated.

He hopes the dockless scooter regulation will be done by early August.

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