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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – More than 40 dogs were brought from Louisiana to La Vergne by Big Fluffy Dog Rescue this weekend.

The dogs were already in shelters and Big Fluffy brought them to Middle Tennessee to make room for others displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

And volunteers with the rescue say there’s more work to be done in the devastated areas.

“There’s going to be several other shelters affected in the same way where in order for them to make room for these Harvey dogs that they’re pulling out of homes and the flooding, we’re going to hopefully be able to aid and assist by doing the same in those shelters,” explained Nicole Butler.

“Empty them out so they can then refill with Harvey dogs, so they can hopefully be reunited with their families. That would be the ultimate goal,” she added.

If you want to help Big Fluffy dog rescue, there is a great need for foster homes and donations.

“The more we get into foster homes, the more room we have to do what we just did and take another group out of the shelters,” Butler told News 2. “So we’ve got foster applications coming in, keep em coming because that’s going to allow us to do more and more to turn around and directly affect the dogs displaced by Harvey.”Click here to fill out a foster application, and here to see the list of item the rescue needs.