Belmont campus buzzing with excitement for 2020 Presidential debate


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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The excitement of a presidential debate on campus was buzzing across Belmont University Friday.

Students told News 2 they are proud that their school is hosting an important national event. The consensus was positive, but students were not shy to share their personal thoughts and that was hope for candidates who promote unity and inclusiveness.

“It’s really cool that Belmont is doing that and it just gives Belmont a lot of good publicity,” said Freshman Evan Reavius, “I think everybody is just wanting unification in the country, so hopefully people go out and vote.”

This isn’t the first presidential debate on campus. Barack Obama and John McCain debated at Belmont 11 years ago.

Some staff members say it was an experience they’ll never forget.

“Unbelievable, I got to walk in and see the set, I didn’t get to attend the event, but I got to walk in and see the stage set up and then to see Belmont on Saturday Night Live and all of that was really neat,” said Chris Agans, assistant executive director for career development in the Belmont Business School.

“Got to pass Tom Brokaw on the sidewalk and see a lot of you know celebrities on campus too was cool,” he added, “None of the students here now obviously remember that so it’s a great chance for the students who are here today. “

While we don’t know who will participate in the debate yet, it seems to be an event that will get everyone on campus and around Nashville talking, whether they’re politically involved or not.

News 2 spoke with the dean of the law school, Alberto Gonzalez, who was a U.S. Attorney General for the Bush Administration.

“I think it’s really good because obviously one of the things we emphasize at our law school, the Belmont Law School is the importance of government service and civic involvement and giving back to the community,” Gonzalez said, “And I think it’s an opportunity for the nation to see the kind of talent and dedication we have to government service… And people around the country will have the opportunity to watch us do something pretty special.”

Belmont’s provost also said in his statement that they “intend to take full advantage of this debate” for students’ education — as well as all of Middle Tennessee.

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