Bellevue woman remembers devastation caused by 2010 flood


Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature, which was exemplified by the historic May 2010 flood that paralyzed parts of Middle Tennessee.

“I never thought that day when I saw that water coming in, I never thought….I’d be eight weeks pregnant and up to my neck in water,” said Erica Scaramuzza.

Scaramuzza and her husband lived through the 2010 flood in Bellevue. It was the most horrifying event of their lives.

“It was very, very eerie. Because you could hear our larger pieces of furniture and appliances that we could not take upstairs. They were bouncing against the walls,” said Scaramuzza.

The 2010 flood was so powerful that even though the Harpeth River is a couple hundred feet beyond the tree line in River Plantation, within hours the water came across River Plantation and into all the houses, including where Erica use to live. After that event, she did not want to turn back.

Following construction of the river bank, just one month before the event, Scaramuzza received a letter from her bank indicating their home was out of the flood zone, allowing them to drop insurance coverage. 

“Thats fine. We will look at that kind of coverage again in the future, but for right now it was not an immediate need. And then you know….our house is full of water,” said Scaramuzza.

Kevin Walters, Spokesman and Communications Director for the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance says that all home owners can and should attain flood insurance even outside a flood zone.

“As we say, just because you have never been flooded, doesn’t mean you cant be flooded. Because if it can rain, it can flood and a flood can have devastating financial consequences,” said Walters.

In Scaramuzza’s case, $98,000 all came out of pocket to restore her former home.

“We basically took on the role of general contractors ourselves. Also, we pulled together a team of people to help us going forward. Even though I was getting bigger and bigger while pregnant, we did a lot of the work ourselves,” said Scaramuzza.

Work that took several months to complete, beginning that May.

“We worked all the way though I was in labor up until November 14th,” said Scaramuzza.

With a firsthand account, there is a new outlook on life.

“Make sure you have flood insurance, that is the first thing. Next I would have a plan going forward if the worst were to happen, know how to keep your family safe and that’s about it, you can’t do any more than that,” said Scaramuzza.

“It’s not a joke. It can mess with your family and years of your life,” said Scaramuzza.

An event we hope to never see again in Middle Tennessee.

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