BELLEVUE, Tenn. (WKRN) — In its first ever event, the town of Bellevue hosted a day of history event and had a special guest.

While the event honored the historic growth of the town, one of its most notable events recently took place.

When a female sheep, also known as a ewe, escaped her pen during a festival in August, the people of Bellevue spent a month invested in elaborate search efforts.

In a Facebook group with over 1500 members, the ewe was named Belle-ewe and became a beloved social media sensation.

After a month of regular spottings and search efforts, Belle was wrangled by a Metro Parks maintenance crew in Percy Warner Park.

While the town gathered to appreciate Bellevue’s history on Saturday, Belle the ewe came back to town (enclosed in a pen, don’t worry) for a special appearance as the guest of honor.

People got the chance to meet Belle, while the owner got a chance to thank the community of Bellevue for their dedication and commitment to helping locate and ultimately bring Belle home.