Belinda Parkway project causes traffic concerns among area residents


A proposed mixed-use development on Belinda Parkway in Mt. Juliet has residents concerned.

Some said the area isn’t prepared for the growth the project is expected to bring.

It’s rare to have a town hall meeting for a project like this, but because of public concern, that’s set to happen in early June.

For seven years, Betty Evans has called a stretch of Belinda Parkway home.

“I just don’t know what it’s going to all mean for the neighborhood, and that’s the truth,” Evans said.

That uncertainty stems from a proposed 76-acre mixed-use development between Belinda Parkway and I-40, right behind Evan’s home.

“It’s just going to be a traffic nightmare for everybody in Belinda City,” Evans said.

The project would include retail and about 200 townhomes within just yards of Evan’s home.

“You can imagine how many more cars that we’re talking about and then they’re having commercial properties, too. There are cars. It’s just traffic — it’s just ridiculous the way they have it planned right now,” Evans explained. 

According to the city, the entrances to the new development would use three of the access points to the corridor, even a special entrance by Evan’s home.

“Even the entrance that’s going by my fence is going to be for emergency use only, which it’ll be gated, but still,” said Evans. “I just want them to put the entrances somewhere else so it doesn’t tie up our parkway.”

A petition against the project has been circulating, as opposition to the traffic, construction and noise.

City officials told News News 2, the developer is considering revising the proximity of the development to existing homes, but that the Planning Commission will not recommend the project without a connector to and construction coming off of Beckwith Road.

Evans said she understands the likely changes to come, but said infrastructure has to come first.

“They want to build, build, build, but then they don’t want to make the roads where it’s going to be room, for all this stuff,” Evans said.

The town hall is set for June 3rd at 6 p.m. at Mt. Juliet City Hall.

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