Behind the scenes with Nashville’s coronavirus task force


NASHVILLE, Tenn.(WKRN) – The face and daily voice of Nashville’s coronavirus task force compares the fight against COVID-19 to a war. 

“Yea this is a war this is a war against a virus that none of us could have ever imagined in our lifetime,” said Dr. Jahangir chair of Nashville’s coronavirus task force.

His work to win the war on COVID-19 is 24-7.

“I’m fortunate for my everyday job to always be 24-7 and worrying about things and this is no different. It’s an honor to be serving this capacity,” he explained. 

While we see the daily press briefings, the work behind the scenes of the 8 person task force based out of the Office of Emergency Management is ever evolving.

“Every day revolves around communication amongst all these people; having difficult conversations around what do we need to do, what are the problems,” he said. 

However, there’s much more to it than just phone work, the task force visits assesment centers, helps in crafting policies like safer-at-home and as chairman of metro’s board of health Jahangir’s board declared the public health emergency and most recently mandated that racial data on COVID-19 cases is disclosed.

“It matters and it’s my obligation as chairman of that board is if it matters the information is brought out,” said Jahngir.

It also matters that everyone works together to fight the pandemic. Perhaps the most fascinating accomplishment so far to Jahngir is that only a few days following metro’s first COVID-19 death health care providers from various enitities came together with one driving purpose.

“I’m sure they are all good stewards of the community, but they are all individual entities that hire 10s of thousands of people and on a certain level are competitors but I think level of cooperation we’ve seen in the past month I think is unprecedented. There was a commitment that this thing was unlike anything we’d ever seen and everyone was going to work together to defeat this virus.”

Jahangir who still has to balance his daily job as a renowned surgeon, husband and father to three understands it’s a trying time.

“Everyone has these concerns and I’m not different than anyone else.”

As he focuses on leading our city to a better place, he says it’s clear Nashville’s community is dedicated to winning the war as well.

“I really love living here even more. Even though I’ve seen it for nearly 40 years seeing what this city has done for people. I’m in awe of the people of Nashville.”

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