DICKSON, Tenn., (WKRN) — A new and contradicting statement by Joseph Daniels revealed in court Tuesday as testimony was heard in a motion to reduce his bond.

In a phone call that was played, Joseph Daniels implicated that his wife, Krystal, killed Joe Clyde Daniels – their five-year-old boy who they reported missing three years ago.

Joseph Daniels made the call from jail to his father, Joe Clyde Daniels Jr. on July 1, 2019. That was 16 months after he was charged with criminal homicide in the murder of Baby Joe.

Baby Joe disappeared April 4, 2018 and has never been found.

At first the two exchanged small talk about things like the weather. But then, the call turned more sinister. Joseph Daniels started to talk Baby Joe. The grandfather, Joe, did not bring up the case or prompt him to talk about it.

At one point Joseph Daniels said, “I’m not telling the whole story either yet. You’ll find out later.”

Joe followed that statement with the question, “Who all did she threaten you with?”

Joseph Daniels answered, “She [Krystal] did what she did, and she threatened me with a knife and told me if I told anybody that she could have people to do it.” He added, “It was too late, it was too late, I pushed her off of him.”

Joe asked, “Pushed her off who?” Joseph Daniels answered, “Joe.”

During that phone call, Joseph Daniels said that Krystal used a pillow to kill Baby Joe. He also insinuated that ‘she washed away the evidence’. He also claimed that she was wearing his hoodie.

When asked if she said why she did it, Joseph Daniels responded, “No,” and added, “All I know is she threatened to kill me after it happened.”

“She took took the baby’s life away, but where he went, she’ll never go there,” Joe said.

Joseph Daniels responded, “Especially, a special needs child.”

“Special needs or not, you don’t kill your baby,” Joe exclaimed.

District Attorney General Ray Crouch followed the phone call with a series of questions for Joe. At times Judge David Wolfe had to ask him to directly answer the question.

AG Crouch asked, “Mr. Daniels, in April of 2018, you sat in a vehicle with your son and [TBI] Agent Brandt Holt, correct?”

Joe answered, “Yes.”

AG Crouch continued, “While you were in that vehicle, your son admitted to you that he had beat and killed Baby Joe.”

Joe responded, “Yes.” He also claimed that his son was coerced into admitting guilt. “Y’all had made him feel the way he felt.”

AG Crouch pointed out that Joseph Daniels had made two different statements claiming that Baby Joe was killed in the living room of the house.

Joe said multiple times, despite what was heard on the phone call, that Baby Joe wasn’t killed in the house. “Yes, there were statements that he was killed in that house, but there’s no evidence that he was murdered in that house by anybody.”

This is the first time the public has heard Joseph Daniels accuse his wife of killing Baby Joe in court.

Joseph Daniels has recanted his statement claiming that he killed his own son.

Before the phone call was played by the prosecutor, defense attorney, Jake Lockert, asked Daniels a series of questions pertaining to what could happen if bond is granted. Daniels said he would allow his son to live with him as well as abide by any ankle monitoring orders. Additionally, he said he would contact law enforcement if any part of the order was breached.

Judge David Wolfe did not approve the bond reduction motion.