DICKSON, Tenn., (WKRN) — A motions hearing in the case against Joe Clyde Daniels’ parents enters day two Tuesday in Dickson.

Babe Joe disappeared April 4, 2018. His body has never been found.

His father, Joseph Daniels, has been charged with criminal homicide. He is accused of murdering his five-year-old son.

Judge David Wolfe has agreed to the motion to sequester the jury in the trial for Daniels. Judge Wolfe has also ruled that the polygraph examination will be suppressed.

The trial has been scheduled for June 1st.

Daniels’ defense attorney, Jake Lockert, also asked for a consolidated motion to reduce bond for Daniels. Testimony was heard for this motion.

Kirstie Killingsworth, an investigator for the 23rd Judicial District Court Public Defender’s Office, also took the stand.

Baby Joe’s grandfather, Joe Clyde Daniels Jr., was called to the stand before the lunch break. Attorney General Ray Crouch played audio that revealed Joseph Daniels accused his wife, Krystal, of killing Baby Joe.

TBI Agent Zachary Burkhart took the stand after the lunch break.

Judge Wolfe ruled to not grant the motion to reduce Joseph Daniels bond.

The next hearing will cover motions to exclude extra judicial statements. The date for that hearing is set for May 12th.

Baby Joe’s mother, Krystal Daniels, has been charged with aggravated child neglect or endangerment. She will not be participating in any of the hearings that involve Joseph Daniels.

Last week, Judge Wolfe agreed to sever the trials. Her trial date has not been set.