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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As many as nine execution dates for Tennessee Death Row inmates could set soon, say experts who follow the cases.

This follows a ruling by the Tennessee Supreme Court late last month that upheld the protocol for lethal injection, which is the state’s primary method of execution.

Lawyers for death row inmates hope the U.S. Supreme Court will eventually take up the lethal injection on appeal, but a spokesperson for the Tennessee justices says he expects them to set those dates with “no idea when they will do that.”RELATED: Facts about Tennessee’s Death Row 

Stacy Rector of the Tennessee Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty is one of those who thinks the justices could possibly act at any time.

“The court could set at least nine execution dates” she told News 2 with cases that for now have exhausted appeals.

There are currently 60 men and one woman on Tennessee’s Death Row.

Thirty-one are white, according to the Tennessee Department of Correction, along with 28 who are black, one Hispanic, and one Asian.PHOTOS: Some of Tennessee’s inmates on Death Row 

Tennessee’s last execution occurred in 2009 when the state executed Cecil Johnson by lethal injection for the 1980 murders of three at a Nashville convenience store.

There is a state law that if lethal injection is held up by the courts, the electric chair can be used for executions.

The last time it was used was 2007 when Daryl Holton of Bedford County, who was convicted of killing four of his own children, requested that he die by electric chair.POLL: Do you support the death penalty?