As some schools close due to flu, others keep close eye on students

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FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – There are several reported cases of the flu in nearly every school across Middle Tennessee.

Nurses in the Franklin Special School District (FSSD) are keeping a close eye on students, and the staff is doing its part to stop the spread of germs and the flu virus.

At Johnson Elementary School in Franklin, Nurse Amy Fisher has been quite busy.

“I’m just going to take your temperature sweetheart to make sure you don’t have a fever, okay,” Fisher told a student.

She is making sure students are healthy and well.

“Good job,” Fisher said. “Okay, no fever, that’s good. Do you have a sore throat?”

Fisher and other school nurses in the FSSD have seen a number of students suffering from the flu or flu-like symptoms.

One school reported 10 cases since the beginning of the flu season.

“In our schools, we are seeing about average the number of absences due to illness this type of year,” Fisher said. “We are however, seeing several cases of the flu, strep throat that type thing.”

Fisher said for the most part, the FSSD hasn’t been a major increase in flu cases, but with the outbreak in East Tennessee, everyone is on edge.

“We have been on high alert due to reports within the community,” the nurse said. “So we have sent information to all our schools to be alert for any signs or symptoms.”

Whether it’s the height of the flu season or not, on a daily basis teachers and custodians wipe the surfaces railings, door handles, bathroom sinks, even water fountain to prevent germs from spreading.

“All day, you know,” custodian Jerry Scruggs said. “You come in periodically because that’s what they touch the most.”

The district also provides on-site flu vaccinations at each school, and that’s keepings a lot of teachers and students from getting sick.

“We have a pretty good amount of folks that have the flu vaccine and I think that helps a little bit cut down on our number,” Fisher said.

School nurses are encouraging teachers to keep a close eye on students, especially during this time of year, the height of the flu season.

If a student appears to have a loss of appetite or lack of energy or appears sick, teachers are asked to send them to the school clinic.

Fisher said the best way to prevent the spread of the flu virus and other germs is washing, washing and rewashing hands.

“Wash your hands, cough and sneeze in your elbow,” Fisher said.RELATED: Macon County Schools closed rest of week due to illness

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