As new scooter company Bolt launches in Nashville, area doctors talk uptick in injuries

Bolt scooters

Bolt scooters, backed by Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt, have made their way to Music City.

The new scooter company has added 400 scooters to Nashville, bringing the total scooter count in the city to 4,100.

But with more scooters, area doctors said come more injuries.

“I think they are fun, but they are dangerous,” said Shaina Steinmann.

Dr. Oscar Guillamondegui is the Trauma Medical Director at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“Coming to the emergency department, we’re seeing approximately one or two a day. That’s just at our institution. If you add that up over all the major hospitals in the city, the number starts to get quite large,” said Dr. Guillamondegui.

Dr. Guillamondegui said since the launch of Nashville’s scooter pilot program early last spring, his department has seen an uptick in overall scooter injuries.

“We’re seeing a lot of face injuries from people falling on their faces, head injuries, and fractures of the hand and elbows and such from falling off the scooters,” he said.

He said serious head injuries have steadied at about once a month, but there is a caveat.

“As the sun comes out and the warmth comes out, we’ll probably see another uptick like we did last summer at the same exact findings,” said Dr. Guillamondegui.

Dr. Guillamondegui said evolving scooter designs like Bolt’s forward-facing design, may help with visibility.

“By making people capable of seeing both sides of the road, itmay prevent some of these injuries,” he said.

Dr. Guillamondegui said the still the common culprit is a failure to wear protective gear.

“If you want to stop the most serious of injuries, all you have to do is put on a helmet – simple,” he said.

Most scooter companies offer free helmets.

To get a helmet through Bolt, download the app, hit the menu option, click “Help Chat,” then type in a request for a helmet with a shipping address, and Bolt representatives will deliver it to you for free.

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