Are mandatory masks in Nashville’s future?


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Infectious disease doctor James Hildreth, who’s also a part of the mayor’s COVID-19 task force, warned moving into phase three in Nashville isn’t a permanent decision.

“I think that the mayor is prepared that if the cases continue to rise to make a different decision,” said Hildreth.

It’s a dilemma other counties in the state are also attempting to navigate. As establishments reopen, and people get laxer with social distancing, the virus spreads.

“It’s almost as if people got really tired and said the heck with this,” said Dr. Hlidreth, “But we got tired of dealing with the virus, the virus didn’t get tired of dealing with us.”

In Shelby County, the Memphis City Council recently passed a mandatory face-covering ordinance that requires face masks to be worn in businesses, inside public buildings, on public transit, and at the doctor. Dr. Hildreth isn’t opposed to seeing the same enforcement locally.

“I’m of the mind that we’re getting to the point were face coverings should be mandatory. They should not be optional,” thought Dr. Hildreth.

He said local government leaders have discussed the possibility. The problem, Hildreth admitted, is how to enforce the rule. Instead, he wished people would take ownership of their actions.

“We all have the right to do certain things,” said Hildreth, “But we don’t have the right to endanger the health of our fellow citizens. I don’t think we have that right.”

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