Antioch school impacted by 2010 flood now helping with Harvey recovery efforts


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It started out as a small gesture – a youth basketball organization began collecting cleaning supplies to fill buckets for Hurricane Harvey victims.

Now it has turned into a massive relief effort from a local school, who was the victim of the 2010 Nashville flood.

It’s not about the way they handle with the round ball or sinking buckets.

But it’s buckets of a different kind, that has people at Lighthouse Christian School in Antioch making noise.

Lighthouse Christian Boys Basketball Coach Tony Campbell, who is also the founder of Handle+Buckets youth basketball training organization, based out of Lighthouse, wanted to help with the Hurricane Harvey clean-up efforts in Houston, so he came up with Hoops For Hope.

“We teach handles, we teach people how to make buckets, but at the end of the day, it’s about to help other people and using your gift of basketball, or whatever platform you have, to help others,” Campbell said.

It began with a few parents dropping off items to fill five-gallon buckets with cleaning supplies, but quickly got bigger as Lighthouse Christian School joined the effort.

“A lot of time when the flood water recedes, everything on the outside looks ok, it’s the inside that needs the attention so that’s why really the cleaning supplies and things like that to help send them because it’s going to be a long recovery,” Lighthouse Headmaster Brian Sweatt said. “It’s going to be months and months of really hard work. These people are going to need hope.”

The private school was devastated by the 2010 Nashville flood. One of the school’s building floated down Interstate 24.

Now, more than seven years later, the Nashville flood is still emotional to discuss.

“When the time that the news stories came and we realized what was happening in Houston, being a part of that here at Lighthouse, we knew what they were going through, we knew how hard it would be and we were compelled to help,” Sweatt said while tearing up.

The items will be donated to The Village United Methodist Church in Brentwood, who will be delivering the buckets filled with cleaning supplies to the flood ravished Houston area.

“I’m blessed to be able to do this program with my family,” Campbell said. “In 2008, we were affected by a flood in Iowa, and then we come here to Nashville and realize we’re at a school that was affected by a flood also and so when you see that when you’ve been affected and see others affected you naturally kind of want to help.”

Lighthouse Christian was able to recover from the 2010 flood and the ABC show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” rebuilt the Lighthouse Pre-School.

Lighthouse is accepting items through Friday.

The Village Church is also collecting items and will be delivering the buckets to Houston this weekend.Click here for complete coverage of Hurricane Harvey.

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