NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An Antioch family is mourning the loss of their 7-month-old puppy after she was shot and killed in their own backyard.

The dog’s owner, Crystal Parman-Stringer, said the shocking incident happen last Monday in broad daylight.

“She was innocent. Mia was just a baby. She caused no harm to anyone,” said Parman-Stringer.

Parman-Stringer said her 13-year-old son discovered the family dog, Mia, shot dead in their backyard after returning home from spending the day with friends.

“He called me at work and told me that I had to get home because Mia was gone. That’s when he told me she’s dead,” said Parman-Stringer.


The single-mother of three said the suspect stacked cinder blocks on top of each other to reach over the fence to shoot Mia.

Parman-Stringer said she’s unsure why someone would target the puppy.

The mother is now asking for the public’s help in finding the person responsible for fatally shooting their dog.

“If there’s someone out there willing to do this to an animal who’s to say they’re not willing to do it to a child,” said Parman-Stringer.Nashville PITTIE, a pit bull advocacy organization, is offering $500 reward for information on the person responsible for shooting and killing Mia. Click here for more information.

A Facebook page titled “Justice for Mia” was also set up to help the family.