NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A faulty HVAC unit caused Thelma Andrews’ electric bill from NES to sky rocket.

Thankfully, two anonymous donors called NES to pay off her account.

When Andrews and her husband Jack’s HVAC unit was acting up they had technicians come out twice to fix it.

But neither repair seemed to work. Then in October the couple found out that they had a $1,612.18 balance because of the issue.

“That kind of blew our minds,” Thelma Andrews said. “How can you we have a $1,600 light bill when we rarely have one for $300.”

Adding to the stress of the big electric bill, Andrews’ husband jack had a stroke and ended up in the hospital paralyzed on one side of his body.

An NES customer service representative kept close contact with the Andrews. She would call and talk to both of them.

During this time the Andrews’ daughter became incapacitated and had to come live with them.

“It was stressful,” Andrews said. “Very, very stressful all you can think about is what are you going to do?”

Then in December the NES rep. got an email from a supervisor saying a customer was on the phone and wanted to pay on a senior citizens account.

That person paid $1,000 anonymously toward the Andrews’ bill. Then a second donor came forward and paid another $500 toward the bill.

It was a surprise and humbling for Andrews.

“She called to tell me someone donated money but I couldn’t know who they are I just cried and cried I was so happy,” Andrews said. “I thank them whoever they are.”

She continued, “They are God’s children whoever they are.”

Sadly, Jack Andrews passed away. But his wife was able to tell him about the generosity before he died.

NES reminds customers to contact them if they are having trouble with high bills. You just have to make sure to call for help before their power is disconnected.