NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Six officers who saved lives during last year’s Christmas day bombing received national recognition Friday night at the 28th annual National Top Cop Awards.

The ‘Nashville 6’ put their own lives at risk to warn residents in the downtown Nashville area about the looming bomb right before it exploded and wreaked havoc on 2nd Avenue destroying numerous businesses and infrastructure.

The six officers traveled to Washington D.C. where they were awarded and commended for their bravery and civil duty.

Officer Brenna Hosey accepted the award on behalf of her colleagues and recalled the heartbreak each of the ‘Nashville 6’ had to endure that harrowing day.

“Having to make those phone calls that you were just involved in a bombing downtown and having to tell them that you love them because you don’t know what’s going to happen next is one of the hardest phone calls you could possibly make,” said Officer Hosey.

Metro Police Chief John Drake was also in attendance and praised his colleagues for their bravery and achievements.

“The National Top Cop Award honors the very best law enforcement personnel from across the United States. I am so proud of our Nashville 6 officers,” said Chief Drake in a public statement.

The Top Cops Award is one of the most prestigious awards in law enforcement that pays tribute to those that went above and beyond their call of duty to protect their communities.