Angela Boswell, William McCloud bound over to grand jury at hearing


SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The grandmother of deceased toddler Evelyn Boswell and the grandmother’s boyfriend appeared in Bristol Sessions Court Tuesday morning for a hearing regarding their theft of property charges.

Angela Boswell and William McCloud’s charges stem from their arrests in North Carolina when they were allegedly in possession of a stolen 2007 BMW.

They were bound over to grand jury at the hearing.

You can watch News Channel 11’s live stream of the hearing below:

Angela Boswell is the mother of Megan Boswell. Megan remains in the Sullivan County Jail after being indicted for 11 counts of false reports related to Evelyn Boswell’s disappearance.

The first witness called was Melissa Wood, the owner of the stolen BMW that Angela and McCloud were arrested in. It was said in court that Wood’s son, Hunter, was dating Megan Boswell around February 13th. On this date, Melissa said Hunter brought Megan to the Woods’ home to see a vehicle for sale.

This was the week before the AMBER Alert for Evelyn Boswell was issued.

Wood said during the hearing that Megan had permission to drive the car to get it checked out before she purchased it, but she never gave permission to Angela or McCloud. Wood testified Megan drove the car off and never paid for or returned it.

Wood said she had never spoken to McCloud and believes she had only spoken to Angela once. She said she did not know how they came to be in possession of the car.

According to Wood’s testimony, she thought that Megan was still in possession of the BMW up until it was returned.

During the hearing, Wood said her only way of contacting Megan was through her son, Hunter.

Wood said the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office contacted her about the vehicle being stolen before she ever reported it.

She said authorities asked her if her car was still missing after it had been gone for several days and asked her if she wanted to report it stolen.

Wood said she was not sure if the sheriff’s office used Angela and McCloud’s names when they contacted her.

The vehicle is registered to Wood’s oldest son, Tanner, whom she has power of attorney over, according to Wood.

A BOLO was issued for the silver BMW on February 21st. Angela and William were arrested with it in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

Detective Jason Adams of the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina took the stand next and said he was contacted by the FBI to locate a stolen vehicle from Sullivan County.

Adams said he initiated a traffic stop on the BMW with two other detectives in Wilkes County.

Adams said when speaking with Angela and McCloud, Angela claimed she had bought the BMW from her daughter’s boyfriend but had no proof of purchase or ownership.

During the hearing, Adams said Angela and McCloud claimed to not know the vehicle was stolen.

Detective Adams said the vehicle had been entered into the NCIC as stolen and an arrest warrant had been issued for the occupants of the vehicle.

According to Adams, the BMW was stopped at 4:44 p.m. and the two were arrested shortly after the vehicle was confirmed through NCIC.

Adams said detectives from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office arrived a few hours later with the warrant for their arrests.

The vehicle was searched after the arrest, and Adams said Angela gave consent to Detective Price of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office to look at her phone while they were in Wilkes County.

Detective Adams said he spoke with Angela about Evelyn and “life in general” while they were transporting her to Sullivan County with other authorities present.

Detective Adams presented the court with the extraction report from Angela’s phone. He said he received it from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office in February. But Adams said he hadn’t read it.

“You can’t testify that you’ve found anything to support the theft of the stolen car here at this preliminary hearing today?” asked defense attorney Ricky Curtis, who is appointed to represent McCloud.

“Sir, I just found the car. I can’t testify anything about the theft of that car,” Adams answered.

“Despite the fact that the detective that did testify has had that information for months now, you didn’t hear anything about, ‘here’s a text that says this car is stolen,'” Curtis said after the hearing.

The Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office did not charge Angela or McCloud with any charges in their county, according to Adams.

Detective Adams said when he and the other detectives were behind the vehicle, it did speed up briefly before stopping.

Adams also confirmed the tags on vehicle were the same as when it had been entered into NCIC.

Judge Lauderback scheduled McCloud and Angela’s next appearance for August 14 at 9 a.m.

The case was bound over to grand jury.

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