SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Shelbyville man is sharing the terrifying moment when he watched his little brother take his last breath.

14-year-old Israel Pascual was shot and killed Monday night at Duck River Laundry in Shelbyville. His older brother, 22-year-old Adolfo Sebastian, was sitting in the same car as he died.

“It was too much for me to take in that day, but it was a normal Monday,” said Sebastian.

“It’s hard to believe that you show up to the scene with your son dead by gunshots by a person that doesn’t have a heart,” said Manuela Pascual, the victim’s mother.

Shelbyville investigators say the murder was a senseless case of mistaken identity.

Pascual and older brother, Sebastian were doing their family laundry on Monday night at Duck River Laundry. The sons were there folding clothes with their parents. Sebastian says his mom and dad drove separately and left only a few minutes before he and his little brother packed the car to head home.

“My little brother was laughing and all of a sudden I hear him go silent,” said Sebastian. “He was dead basically. I turn around quick, put the car in park and all I see is my little brother’s head fall…his little head falling over.”

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Shelbyville investigators say 39-year-old Horatio Lewis Rice was the gunman. He is now wanted for two charges, including first-degree murder.

“I was able to look at him and we had eye contact. I saw him for a good five seconds before he took off,” said Sebastian.

Sebastian now lives with the image of his brother’s body slumped over in his arms.

“I called my mom. She thought we got into an accident,” said Sebastian. “When they showed up, they saw me holding my brother…lifeless…without life. My arm bleeding.”

Police have not been able to locate the suspect, saying they believe he is on the run with his girlfriend Tiffany Taylor.

“I want justice to be served,” said Manuela Pascual, Israel’s mom. “I want y’all to remember my son as a very good child…a very good kid. The way he impacted kids at church. The way he impacted kids at school. The way he impacted other kids in sports events. His favorite sport is basketball.”

Surveillance cameras caught footage of Israel’s last moments with his family. A photo shows him hugging his mom tightly.

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“He gave my mother one of the biggest hugs she’s ever felt from him,” Sebastian said. “During that hug, he told my mom, ‘love you, mom’ and my mom says it back…We never thought that was going to be the last, final goodbye.”

The Pascual family is now planning Israel’s funeral for next weekend. They say at this point they do not know how they will pay for his headstone, and welcome any financial assistance.