‘All I could think about were my twins’, Nashville man describes moment before he was shot outside of work


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Nashville man is holding on tight to his family, after being shot multiple times outside of his workplace. He said the gunfire started as he was helping a woman who was being attacked.

According to Metro Police, the shooting happened on June 24, around 9:40 p.m., outside of the CITGO gas station and the MainStay Restaurant, on Main St. and South 5th St.

Thinking back, Cordell Crutcher said it’s the little things in life, that he now needs help with.

“Pull up your pants, put socks on, it’s the stuff that I’m lacking and I always had the ability to do,” said Crutcher.

What started as a normal day, turned into a nightmare, when Crutcher said he was outside of the MainStay Restaurant, where he was working as a cook, taking a smoke break. All of a sudden he heard a woman yelling for help.

“She was just like stop no, don’t do that, no,” remembered Crutcher, “the guy took his gun out, aimed it in between us, and shot.”

According to police, a fight broke out, the argument escalating to gunfire. The moment is still hard to believe, even two weeks later. Crutcher said the gunman didn’t stop there, firing his weapon several times.

“I made my way to the street and I remember being shot again. I remember hearing shots coming,” Crutcher said.

Looking for help, he told News 2 he ran across the street to the nearby CITGO.

“I was trying to open the door to the CITGO and a guy was coming out and the same time, and I just collapsed into him.”

At that moment, his family was all he could think about. The family man said they are in the process of welcoming twin girls, and the money they had saved up for the babies, will now be used for medical necessities.

“Life hit me fast at that point. All I could think about were my twins,” said Crutcher, “life just hit me, and I thought I just want to live, how can I get myself out of this situation, because he is going to shoot again.”

Treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Crutcher was reminded of the life he was fighting for, with twin babies due in September, he held onto a blanket given to him by his 8-year-old son.

Crutcher is now recovering at home. He said some of the bullets remain in his body, out of advice from his doctors. He now has to use a walker or wheelchair in order to get around.

“He thinks I’m Superman half the time, he wakes up in the morning and puts a cape of a costume on and he’s ready to go play and to know that he can’t get up and go do that with that with me, it shuts him down,” said Crutcher.

Police said property belonging to the gunman was recovered from the scene, and they are processing it as evidence. However, the identity of the shooter remains a mystery.

The Crutcher family has set up a GoFundMe to help with their expenses, as they hope the gunman will be found soon.

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