Alabama man finds alligator swimming in his pool


(CNN) – An Alabama man is saying “See you later Alligator” after he woke up and found one in his swimming pool.

“I took my glasses off and looked around and made sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing, and I was,” said Steven Mculland. “I am flabbergast. You own an alligator, and you missing one, he in the backyard in my pool. Come get it. Thank you.”

Mculland rightfully was spooked by the sight and reacted like many of us would to the gator, which uses water to snap up its prey.

But likely, the gator was using Mculland’s pool to cool off.

“I been looking around seeing how he got in there and there’s nothing so he must’ve climbed in,” Mculland said.

Climbing over the fence, into Mculland’s backyard, giving Mculland something to think about the next time he climbs into his pool.

“I going to look twice.”

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