On Sunday, police in Tennessee and Alabama said a citizen’s tip led to arrest of 33-year-old Simon Porter. 

Pathik Patel works at the Skyline Mart Citgo on top of Skyline Mountain. He says he gave the woman his phone to call 911. 

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“She was going down the mountain first and she said she saw him, and it looked like him so she came back up the mountain and said ‘That looks exactly like him. Red hair and glasses. Kind of short.’ so I said ‘Well, let’s call the cops.'” 

Det. Lt. Zackie Gant of the Scottsboro Police Department said officers responded to the area, a rural road at the base of Skyline Mountain, and found Porter walking with bags in his hands.

Porter is wanted for raping a child in Lawrenceburg, TN –  Scottsboro, AL.is two hours away. 

Police said Porter is now back in Tennessee and in the custody of Lawrenceburg police, where he’ll face his rape charge.