MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) – Detectives in Wilson County need your help finding several guns stolen during a home burglary out of Mt. Juliet.

Detective Justin Cagle says a Springfield XDM Elite OSP 9mm handgun, a Glock 35 .40 caliber handgun, and an AK-47 Draco Pistol 7.62 caliber were stolen from a home in Mt. Juliet and believed to have been sold online to someone in Nashville.

“We are looking at well over $1,000 for all three firearms,” Detective Cagle told News 2. 

He believes the thief made their way through an unlocked window at a home near the Old Hickory area, stealing some cash along with the three guns.

“We do believe by putting out this information we will be able to have someone come forward in good faith, not knowing they purchased the stolen guns,” Cagle said.

He said investigative techniques led detectives to the website, which according to Cagle, “is a classifieds website where you can advertise or sell firearms.” 

The detective is waiting to hear from website officials, hoping the guns don’t fall into the wrong hands.

“The majority of our violent crimes that we see – our shootings, robberies, the guns that we recover are normally stolen. They are not purchased or acquired legally. In this case, obviously, we have a criminal who has broken into a house and committed a crime, therefore we are pretty confident that they are not going to care who they sell the firearms to or whose hands they fall into. That’s what we are trying to prevent,” Cagle said.  

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is looking to offer some sort of reward to the person they believe unknowingly may have purchased one of the stolen guns.

“We do know people are hesitant to return a firearm that they have purchased because they would be out of the money, but we are currently working to find a solution for that.”

Detectives believe the guns were likely sold sometime between July 21 and August 19.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Justin Cagle with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office at 615-290-2679.