NASHVILLE, Tenn, (WKRN) – Nashville International Airport has shut down a restroom to prevent sewer water from leaking into a secure luggage handling area on the floor below.

This comes in the wake of a sewage leak on August 3, caused by an overflowing toilet in a restroom on the C concourse. As many as 380 pieces of luggage on a conveyor belt were sprayed with toilet water.

During that incident, airline passengers flying out on Southwest said their flight was delayed and no one told them their luggage was affected. They discovered their bags were missing only after they landed in Florida.

Airport spokesman Tom Jurkovich said, at the time, the bags were being treated and cleaned.

Jurkovich now says 230 bags were inspected, adding, “Seven bags had contents transferred to new containers because of possible water damage to luggage.”

An environmental cleanup was handled by Belfor Property Restoration, an outside company that specializes in disaster services.

Jurkovich says the bags were then reinspected by the TSA for security reasons, using dogs and screening equipment.

To avoid future incidents, Jurkovich tells News 2 they plan to make structural changes that include increasing the size of the main pipe so it’s less likely to get clogged. They will also reseal the floor surrounding the drain.

He adds they may replace paper towels with hand driers, because the overflowing toilet had been stuffed with paper towels, on two occasions since June.