BETHESDA, M.D. (WCMH) – Police say that so much alcohol was consumed at a college party that the air inside the building tested positive for alcohol.

Around 70 people attended the party at a Maryland split-level home, WJLA reported. It was advertised on Facebook as “Tequila Tuesday Hoy a las 22:00.”

Three officer knocked on the door after neighbors complained about noise. Three of the hosts let them inside.

Police say they observed windows covered with insulation and trash bags, beer cans and liquor bottles throughout the house, and a basement floor made sticky by spilled drinks. An officer reported the ambient air inside the home registered .01 on a breathalyzer.

WJLA reported eight people locked themselves in a bathroom and another jumped out a window to avoid the police.

Six people living at the home were charged with 126 counts each of allowing underage possession of alcohol and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Investigators said all six tenants are members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s American University chapter.