After shooting, Tenn. Rep. Chuck Flesichmann says ‘We’ve got to come together as Americans’


ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WKRN) – Hours after top House Republican Steve Scalise was shot by a rifle-wielding gunman Wednesday morning at a congressional baseball practice, Tennessee Rep. Chuck Flesichmann said Americans need to “come together and get this right.”

He was among those at the early morning practice, saying “we were like sitting ducks in the dugout.

He continued, “It seemed like it went on for quite some time. When I got back into the dugout, with the members there, I realized one gentleman had been shot in the leg and he was bleeding and you could actually see the bullet hole in his leg.”

Flesichmann, who was still wearing his practice clothes and a UT hat, went on to tell ABC News that he did not see the gunman and that he credits Capitol Police and other responding officers for keeping the situation under control.

“A lot more members would have been hurt if they had not been there to return fire,” he explained. “I’m still in shock about this because I have never been fired upon.”

Flesichmann added, “We can’t let the bad guys win this thing. We’ve got to come together as Americans and get this right.”

House Republican, Steve Scalise, was injured in the shooting along with several other people.

President Donald Trump said he was “deeply saddened by this tragedy.”

While addressing the media late Wednesday morning, the president spoke directly to Rep. Scalise saying, “Steve, I want you to know you have the prayers not only of an entire city behind you, but an entire nation.”

Flesichmann has served as a representative for Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district since 2011. His district is based in Chattanooga and includes a large portion of East Tennessee.

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