This week another pedestrian was killed on a dangerous intersection. 

On Friday, Metro Police say 66-year-old Al Star was killed on the intersection of Brick Church Pike and and West Trinity Lane. 

Star’s death marks the second pedestrian death at that intersection. Back in November, Michael Anderson was killed in a hit-and-run collision. 

In this recent crash, police say Star was crossing Brick Church Pike as a cement truck turned on the road from West Trinity Lane. 

There’s no crosswalk there, but investigators told News 2 – that is where a crosswalk would usually be located. 

Investigators are still working to determine who had the right of way. 

Meanwhile, nonprofits that advocate for pedestrian safety want Metro government to take immediate action. 

“It’s sad and it’s a shame and the question is ‘How many more lives have to die?’ ” said Tamika Douglas, a member of the nonprofit, Music City Riders United. 

Music City Riders United advocates for transportation equity and safety features that will help bus riders to get and from bus stops. 

“It’s so hard to run across the street and get to the bus stop especially when there’s not a safe way to cross the street.” 

Nora Kern, director of the nonprofit, Walk Bike Nashville shared that there is a variety of factors that makes the intersection so dangerous. 

“You have really high speeds, secondly there’s almost no pedestrian infrastructure; there’s no crosswalks, there’s not great lighting. And then lastly there’s a lot of people walking.” said Kern. 

Hoping to bring change, Walk Bike Nashville has created an “Impossible Crossings” petition – calling for Metro Government to create a pedestrian safety program, with funding. 

The nonprofit is still working to get to 250 signatures.