(WJW) — In case you missed it, Build-A-Bear is no longer just aimed at children.

“Wink, wink – our giftshop is full of gifts for adults too,” the company said in a recent Facebook post. “Shop Build-A-Bear After Dark for unique gift ideas that are sure to get you hugged.”

The company is indeed offering plush toys specifically aimed at adults in time for Valentine’s Day. Featuring fuzzy rabbits, bears and cats wearing shirts that say things like “I like the crepe out of you,” and holding wine bottles and “Mixed Beary Seltzer,” these “After Dark” plushes are all about keeping life-long fans happy.

“Many adults went to Build-A-Bear as children and still have a strong affinity for the brand today,” the company, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, said in an email statement.

The company said they started selling these adults-only toys a couple of years ago and have been marketing the “After Dark” collection around Valentine’s ever since.

Find the whole stuffed animals for adults collection exclusively online.