NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – What will happen with Deacon and Rayna is just one of the plot lines from season three of Nashville.

The ABC drama was renewed for a fourth season and that means a big overseas audience for a show that is already having a huge impact on the city of Nashville.

Colin Reed, C.E.O. of Ryman Properties, has invested millions to keep the show Nashville on the air and produced in Nashville. Being renewed for a fourth season is critical to syndication to over 85 foreign counties.

Country superstar Vince Gill has made two appearances on the show. “What I like about the show is, I like the cast, I like the soul of that cast. Those people have embraced this town. Those people have embraced the history of this town,” said Gill.

The cast of Nashville is not only actors, but singers and musicians. “Chris, the guy who plays Will Lexington, he is a wicked good guitar player, and I’m sitting there saying ‘OK, what’s the story, are you a frustrated guitar player or frustrated actor that made you so good at that… It’s a little of both,” said Gill.

Filming of episodes for season four of Nashville begins in about six weeks here in Music City.

The season premier happens this fall.