NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An abandoned dog is recovering and will soon be looking for his forever home after being found shot in a north Nashville neighborhood last week.

Metro Animal Care and Control were called to the Cephas Street home the day after Christmas.

Investigative photos show the 6-year-old dog nicknamed Georgie on a chain. He had no access to food or water and had been shot in the shoulder.

Dr. Caitlin Bentley with Metro Animal Control showed News 2 an X-ray of the damage and the bullet that is still in the shoulder.

“There is an obvious bullet,” she said. “We don’t pull fragments out unless causing a problem.”

Dr. Bentley said the projectile broke bones, but thankfully didn’t hit any major organs.

“It went shoulder to shoulder and missed all the important parts,” she explained.

Mario Ticas lives across the street from where Georgie was rescued. He told News 2 he has often seen the dog while out on walks with his own pets, adding he had even tossed treats to Georgie before.

Ticas said he had no idea the dog had been shot or was close to death.

“They are a disgrace to this world,” he said. “The dog has nothing to do with anything. It is the human who makes the dog pitiful.”

His wife Victoria added, “It is horrible.”

Who shot Georgie remains unknown. He is expected to make a full recovery and will be available for adoption.

Dr. Bentley said Georgie needs a foster home where he can have six to eight weeks of recovery time with strict rest.

Anyone who is interested in fostering or adopting Georgie should call Metro Animal Care and Control at 615-862-7928.

Authorities are still searching for the person responsible for shooting the dog.