911 call released after Burger King shooting in Spring Hill


SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – Police have released the 911 call made after an employee was shot inside a Burger King in Spring Hill.

The shooting happened at the Port Royal Road restaurant last Thursday night. Antares Heller, another 19-year-old employee, was arrested.Dispatcher: Spring Hill 911, what’s the address?Caller: Hey, I need someone at Constance, Port Royal Burger Kind right now. My employee just got shot.Dispatcher: Someone got shot?Caller: Hurry up, please. We need someone now!

After getting information on the address and the caller’s phone number, the caller becomes panicked, saying they need an ambulance right away.Caller: We need them now! Like, he’s been shot a couple times.Dispatcher: They’re already on the way, okay?

The caller explains the gunman just “came in to get a drink and hopped over the counter” before shooting the employee.

A second employee gets on the phone to help give the dispatcher more information. She’s heard crying and says the employee “is okay, but he’s breathing, he’s just been hit a few times.”Dispatcher: How many times was he shot?2nd Caller: Um, I think it was like four.Dispatcher: Where was he shot?2nd Caller: In the arm and in the chest.

Police previously said the two employees got into an argument, which led to the shooting. Heller is charged with attempted criminal homicide, reckless endangerment, and aggravated assault.

The victim has yet to be identified.

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