9 months later, still no trace of missing Riverdale High student


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – He left his home in the middle of the night nine months ago and hasn’t been heard from since.

Devin Bond will soon be turning 17 years old, and his mother is just hoping to bring him home.

Since he left on his own and is not considered an endangered child, there’s only so much law enforcement can do.

The family is well aware of that, but they are holding out hope that Devin will return home soon.

At Barfield Crescent Park, the place where he was last seen, his mother, Heather Simmers, often comes to find comfort.

“I know he’s probably not here, but I still look,” Simmers told News 2.

But with each passing day, not knowing where he is has been tough.

“Every day is difficult,” Simmers said. “Every day is a struggle to get up.”

Devin left his home March 31, and nine months later, still no signs of him. He had broken up with his girlfriend, according to his mother.

“I think that might have been a reason that contributed to him going missing, but I don’t think that’s the only thing,” she told News 2.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but with Christmas around the corner, and Devin’s birthday on the 27th, his mother knows it will be just as difficult not having him home.

“Christmas and his birthday, I already knew it coming in this was going to be a hard month for me,” the mother said. “I’m not giving up though; I still believe there is a chance he might be home for the holidays.”

Volunteers have searched high and low for Devin, but so far, nothing.

“I’ve run into people who thought he had been found, and that kind of breaks my heart,” Simmers said.

She said it’s not in Devin’s character to just up and leave.

“I have to let people know that he matters and that he’s loved and he’s missed, and I’m going to keep looking for him, and I hope everyone else keeps looking for him,” she told News 2.

Simmers said the family will do everything they can to bring Devin home.

“We love you, and we miss you, and if you’re not ready to come home, just call somebody, it doesn’t have to be me, just call anybody and let them know you’re okay,” she pleaded.

Devin is supposed to be in his sophomore year at Riverdale High School, but he hasn’t even showed up to school this semester.

His mom says tips are still coming in, just not as many; she said he could be in Florida, California, or even in still in Murfreesboro.

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office Detective Sgt. Dan Goodwin said investigators check out every lead but so far, nothing has panned out.

People who have information about Devin may call Detective Will Pinson at 615-904-3056.

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