TEHACHAPI, Calif. (WCMH) – A California family says their six-month-old baby is lucky to be alive after a dog attack.

Bobby Fritz says he decided to help out after he learned Khonsu, a Dogo Argentino, was suddenly without a home, KERO reported.

“The dog came into my work every day with its owner,” said Fritz. “We thought we were doing the right thing by helping this guy out. I was very familiar with this dog and we brought it home and everything was fine.”

Less than 24 hours later, his baby was attacked.

Fritz said his wife turned her back for a couple seconds while changing their daughter’s diaper. That’s when the attack happened.

His wife heard a bark, then turned around and saw the dog running away, and six-month-old Adaliah had blood pouring from her face. She suffered a large cut and a punctured skull.

“We feel horrible about what our baby girl has been having to go through all because we didn’t want to see the dog go to the pound,” said Fritz.

The injuries were severe enough to require brain surgery.

“She’s a miracle. She is our little angel so we just prayed,” said Fritz. “And she pushed through. She’s fighting good and acting like nothing ever happened.”

The dog is currently in quarantine at the Kern County Animal Shelter in Mojave.