NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — After a traumatic several days, five year old Caleb Young told News 2 he can’t wait to eat his favorite treat when he gets home from the hospital.

“Donuts!” exclaimed Young, referring to the treat he will enjoy after he is released from the hospital Monday.

Last Tuesday, Caleb was out in the yard with his 10-year-old brother shooting birds with a BB gun when he stepped in front of his brother as he fired a shot.

“Complete fear came over me and I started praying instantly for my son that the Lord would watch over him,” said Kevin Young, Caleb’s father.

Emergency responders flew Caleb to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital where he had open heart surgery.

Surgeons told Caleb’s family they had never seen anything like it. A small BB traveled through the left side of Caleb’s heart, down a vein, and almost reached his liver.

“They put a stitch on his heart to close up the wound that was there. Then they x-rayed and they noticed that the BB was down in the lower abdomen,” said Kevin Young.

Caleb had a second major surgery to remove the BB.

The 5-year-old’s recovery will be difficult but doctors said it’s amazing he’s alive today.

“I am truly thankful because it truly is a miracle that he is still here because I put on my Facebook that I could have easily been standing by a grave, instead of next to a miracle,” said Kevin Young.

Kevin Young said he has been overwhelmed by the thoughtful messages the family has received from across the nation.

Doctors said Caleb’s recovery will be a long process, but he should be well enough to start kindergarten in the fall.