3rd Pfizer vaccine dose could help protect you from delta variant


NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — Pfizer says they are seeking FDA authorization of a third COVID-19 booster shot that could help protect people from the delta variant sweeping the globe.

The CDC reports this strain now accounts for more than 51 percent of coronavirus cases in America.

Dr. Alex Jahangir, chair of the Metro Nashville coronavirus task force, calls the mutated delta variant highly contagious.

“Viruses live to do one thing and that’s to go from host to host, or person to person. So, when a virus finds a way it can speed from one host to another it’s going to do that. And that’s what the delta variant is doing so well,” Dr. Jahangir said.

That’s why Pfizer is asking the FDA to authorize a third dose of their COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Jahangir says this is a fairly typical thing to do as vaccines mutate and form new strains.

“That’s why we have a flu shot every year. The flu shot is always slightly different to be effective against the flu strain that’s really booming that one year,” Dr. Jahangir said.

ABC News reported Thursday that Pfizer say another shot within 12 months could “dramatically boost immunity and may help ward off the latest worrisome coronavirus mutant.”

Pfizer plans to ask for the authorization next month.

“Until there is that recommendation, there’s a very easy way to protect yourself from getting super sick. Get vaccinated,” Dr. Jahangir said.

MNHD is still offering free COVID-19 vaccines at a drive-through site on Murfreesboro Road and several pop-up locations across town. For more information, click here.

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