33 dogs nearly ready for adoption after Union City rescue


LEBANON, Tenn. (WRKN) – Thirty-three dogs were rescued from horrible conditions over the weekend in Union City, Tennesee, and now they’re in need of a new home.

Animal Rescue Corps is caring for them at their emergency shelter in Lebanon, where the dogs are now getting regular meals and baths.

Just 36 hours ago, though, they were living in filth.

“A lot of cockroaches, mice, feces, urine everywhere,” described Ada Dever.

Their owners were described as hoarders.

“They did reach out for help. They knew they needed help,” Dever told News 2.

She’s the shelter manager for ARC and is now overseeing their recovery.

“All of them have parasites, overgrown nails, missing a lot of hair… We’ve seen several with broken jaws, broken bones,” Dever explained.

Volunteers have stepped up and chipped in to give the dogs one-on-one attention, hoping to ease them into trusting people once again.

“In the three days I’ve been up here this weekend, these animals were terrified. I mean terrified. And now they’re walking on leashes. They’re coming up and giving you kisses. It’s amazing how animals are so forgiving,” said volunteer Penny Von Seeger.

“It feels good to be able to try to make a difference, but you just can’t not help these little guys. You see these adorable dogs that are so helpless, so you want to help them,” said Danyell Henry.

As early as this weekend, some of these dogs will be sent to rescue groups across the country to help them find forever homes.

The idea is to get them out of their cages as soon as possible, but some will still require long-term care.

For those interested in fostering or adopting one of the dogs, Animal Rescue Corps will publish information about which shelters will receive them. Follow their Facebook page for updates or click here to visit their website.

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