MILLERSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Body cams captured the scene as Millersville police pulled over a speeding car filled with guns and cash on Interstate 65 early Monday morning.

It all began when Officer Seth Lata pulled the car over after it was clocked doing 91 in a 70. At the time, police said there were five people inside.

Officer Lata asked the group what they were doing and how everyone is related. The initial response is they are family and they had been in Baton Rouge and were on their way back to Louisville.

Millersville police chief David Hindman told News 2 the suspects are evasive, and the officer called for backup since he was outnumbered.

“None of the stories matched,” Hindman explained. “One of them said they were down there visiting family and one of them said they were down there in Baton Rouge.”

As Officer Lata was waiting for backup, his body cam captured him saying, “We believe in being nice and treating everyone fair.”

Soon after, Officer Shawn Taylor arrives with his K-9 unit named Daisy.

He begins speaking to the driver before he is heard saying, “There’s an overwhelming odor of marijuana in the backseat and I talked to her and she confirmed they were smoking marijuana.”

Officers then had probable cause to search the car, and the chief admitted to News 2 the scene had the potential for volatility.

“Absolutely, there was a lot of danger in the vehicle,” Hindman said.

Once officers opened the trunk, two loaded guns were discovered inside a shoe box. One was a stolen 9MM and the other a .45 caliber.

The officers immediately told the five people to get on the ground before $15,000 in cash was found.

“We found out they were all convicted felons of drug trafficking, as well as violent felons in other states,” Hindman said.

Three of the five people were arrested. Terrell Trammell and Frank Trammell have since bonded out of jail on charges of felons in possession of firearms and a stolen weapon charge.

Orlando Ernest remains jailed in Sumner County on a $100,000 bond.

The driver was cited for driving infractions and was let go, while another man was not arrested.

The seized cash could eventually find its way back into a Millersville drug fund to fight the war on crime.