3 arrested for dangerous Cheatham Co. chase that injured deputies


CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – More than half a dozen cars smashed and multiple people were injured after a wild car chase that started in Cheatham County on Tuesday morning.

This is just some of the fallout from a wild two-county chase that began in Cheatham and ended with guns drawn and suspects face down on Old Hickory Boulevard in Madison Tuesday morning.

News 2 obtained the harrowing dashcam and bodycam footage that showed just how life and death this 30-mile chase was.

It all began at 8 a.m. as a theft investigation.

According to documents obtained by News 2, deputies and Cheatham detectives were dispatched to the 1900 block of Valley View Road, where a stolen Skid Steer was reportedly out of Metro.

According to the report, Joseph Hollingsworth and a guy named “little Drew” were at this residence hours earlier bragging about how they stole construction equipment and a trailer.

A short time later, another trailer, reportedly stolen out of Gallatin arrived. On dashcam, you can see Cheatham County Detective Ken Miller trying to stop the trailer.

The driver, later identified as Andrew Henton, punched it and almost ran Miller down.

“I raised my hand to get him to stop. I approached the driver’s side. He moves toward me with the vehicle and then takes off. I thought he would hit me there for a moment it was a little scary,” said Detective Miller.

According to detectives, Joseph Hollingsworth, and a young woman, Amber Maynard, are with Henton.

Deputies say they had a loaded long gun and a loaded handgun with them.

Det. Miller says, “He’s trying to purposely run over us, he’s trying to harm us, kill us possibly. We don’t know what his intent was at that point.”

Because of the tinted windows, detectives do not know who is in the truck or what contraband they are carrying. They only know the driver has been reckless and already tried to run over deputies.

Later in the video, around Little Marrowbone Road, Henton takes a wide left turn and smashes into the patrol car of Diana Arguello. Her car spun wildly, and the female deputy suffered a mild concussion.

Det. Miller says, “He was going out of his way to harm us and we had no idea what he would do to a citizen at that point.”

Later in the chase, you can see the lead chase vehicle, Deputy Dale Smith maneuver, trying to prevent the truck from getting on I-24. As he gets to the right of the trailer, Henton drives into the deputy, smashing his squad car, pushing it sideways, then flipping it into the guard rail. Smith’s car is totaled and he suffers a shoulder injury.

Miller says, “We felt he would try and get on the interstate at that time and run downtown and the chaos he could have caused down there with that trailer and that truck.”

Minutes later, you can see the trailer drive by several Metro cops, who also deployed spike strips. Again, the trailer veered at the officer who manages to get out of the way and flatten the tires.

“Yes sir, he swerved at one of our officers who attempted to throw spikes,” Miller says.

It all ends violently at the intersection of Old Hickory Boulevard and Gallatin Road in Madison. The truck hit several motorists and then crashed down the embankment.

Once again Ken Miller is right there as all three suspects are taken into custody at gunpoint.

When it’s all over the intersection looked like a war zone of broken car parts, skid marks, discarded spike strips, and frazzled motorists.

Det. Miller says at least five civilian vehicles and two squad cars were wrecked in the pursuit.

Two deputies were slightly injured and at least two motorists were also transported.

On-body Cam, Andrew Henton can be heard talking to deputies about the initial theft.

“Joseph (Hollingsworth) knew where this piece of equipment was. And I told him I could drive and operate it.”

Henton goes on to say, “So he got the truck and trailer, and went to get the equipment and take it to his house to sell the s***.”

Miller says he is still perplexed why the trio ran so hard, so recklessly from the police.

“Our biggest concern was when they started to try and harm us, what are they going to do to the public at large.”

All three suspects, are in jail, charged with a slew of felonies that include aggravated assault on law enforcement officers.

All three suspects declined to be interviewed for this story.

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