3 arrested, 1 wanted after teens lead police on three-county chase


More kids are stealing more cars and guns and then running from police through your neighborhoods, officials tell News 2. 

The craziness never ends, and it was on full display this past Wednesday morning through three cities at hair-raising speeds. 

It started as a chase in Gallatin — where Nashville teens are suspected in 11 auto burglaries right now — when police got behind the suspect’s Mitsubishi. When the driver topped speeds over 100 mph while heading south on Nashville Highway, Gallatin police called off the chase. 

Shortly after 1 a.m., Hendersonville police re-engaged the Mitsubishi, continuing the chase at speeds also well-over 100 mph. According to Hendersonville police, four Nashville teens are also wanted there for at least six auto burglaries. 

Dash camera footage captures much of the shocking chase. Watching it, you can see the moments after a Hendersonville officer deploys spike strips. The Mitsubishi’s front tires quickly go flat and then begin to disintegrate. 

“They were doing upward of 110 mph at one time with two tires blown,” said Detective-Sergeant Chris Gagnon with Hendersonville PD.

Later in the chase, the teens cross into Davidson County with five Hendersonville officers in hot pursuit. The renegade teens run a red light on Gallatin Road and nearly t-bone a dump truck pulling an equipment trailer. 

Minutes later, closer to downtown, the car slows. The door opens, and the first teen bails out of the car on Mansfield Street and Gallatin Road. He is still at-large. 

The 16-year-old driver takes off again, riding on nothing but rims at this point, and the drama increases dramatically as two more teens bail out of the moving car. 

On the dash camera footage, you can see 18-year-old DySean Fitzgerald run away. He will soon be captured by officers. 

His partner, the 16-year-old, stumbles coming out of the car. As he does so, he drops a semiautomatic pistol now believed to be stolen from Rutherford County. 

By this time, a Hendersonville cop gets to the 16-year-old and deploys his taser — within a few moments, the teen is under arrest. 

Later in the dash camera footage, the unidentified juvenile driver is shown speeding over James Robertson Parkway at 80 mph on shredded tires — it’s now been 17 miles since he ran over the spike strips on the bypass at New Shackleford Road. The Mitsubishi is running on rims, and the car won’t steer anymore. 

Instead of turning around the bend, the car goes straight and crashes into the median. That’s when the 16-year-old driver also bails out of the vehicle. 

Hendersonville police are relentless, and now, the foot chase in downtown Nashville ensues. A Metro cop nearby chases the teen down and brings him back to the scene of the crash. 

“Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more common,” Gagnon told News 2. “They run around with their friends, break into cars, steal cars, run around with guns and pretend they are gangsters. “

At this time, three teens are in custody. Hendersonville police are still looking for the fourth suspect. 

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