DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two weeks after catastrophic flooding in Waverly, one of the youngest drowning victims was laid to rest. 

Two-year-old Kellen Burrow was one of 20 people whose lives were claimed during the historic flooding. An estimated 1,600 motorcycles, at least, showed up to escort Kellen to his final resting place.  

“I have a 14-year-old daughter. She’s like ‘mom, make a hashtag.’ And I’m like ‘what do I hashtag?’ And she’s like ‘well, do Ride 4 Kellen,’” said Alicia Schnepf, who helped organize a social media campaign for the event.  

Small but mighty, Kellen’s story gained momentum across the country. Motorcyclists from Tennessee and out of state traveled to offer support for the family. One person even sent a stuffed kangaroo from Australia to ride in the motorcade. 

“My goal from this from the beginning was that this little prince get a parade, and I feel like he got that. We had people from all over Dickson and other counties line the streets to watch this little boy’s parade of motorcycles,” Schnepf said.  

Kellen’s grandparents, Allen and Mandy Burrow, are part of the Forbidden Shields motorcycle group in Tennessee. They said they were touched to see the favor returned, and a ride dedicated to their family.  

“We’re so grateful for the love in this community. I mean people were lined on the streets that weren’t even on bikes all the way to the cemetery. It’s just amazing,” Mandy Burrow said.  

The Burrow family’s story is one of tragedy and triumph. Kellen’s mother and stepfather fought to keep their children alive and were able to save their other four children.  

“I look at both of them as heroes, Kalaub and Brittney as heroes,” Allen Burrow said. “Kalaub tried to get to them. He got a boat and he got some shovels and he used them for oars. And he saved two older ladies and some kids. I can’t tell you how many, but he saved them and she got the rest of the grandkids out.” 

As Kellen arrived to the cemetery, there were bikes still in line waiting to leave the funeral home six miles away.  

“This message shows me there’s still so much good in the world. There are still people who will take a Saturday and help and be there for you without gaining anything,” Schnepf said. “We literally shut down Dickson for this child, which is absolutely amazing.” 

MGCBBQ has been distributing food to Waverly following the flooding. They also helped organized part of the ride. 

“We set out to shake the heavens and we rattled the universe, my nephew and brother would be there to keep riding on with him,” management said in a statement.  

The family has a fundraiser set up on Facebook. You can donate here.