2 women charged in Hickman County man’s drug overdose

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Two Hickman County women were arrested Monday afternoon in connection with the death of a man who overdosed on heroin this past October. 

Detectives told News 2 the man could’ve been saved if authorities had been called, but the women didn’t call for help, instead, they hid the man’s body. 

According to investigators, the man was alive for up to five hours before he died.  

“The day he was born he was important,” said Violet Waller.  

Violet Waller remembers her eldest son Blake Taylor, who died of a heroin overdose in October 2018. 

“I believe 100 percent if someone had called 911 my child would still be alive.” 

Detectives say the 26-year-old was doing heroin with 57-year-old Carla Furlow and her daughter, 31-year-old Felicia Smith at a Primm Springs Road address.  

“Basically, they just left him there,” said Det. Mike Doddo with Hickman County. “They didn’t care enough to get him help.”  

Investigators say Taylor overdosed and passed out on the front porch of the Hickman County home.  

Detectives said that according to the medical examiner, Blake Taylor was unconscious, but still alive for up to five hours before he died. 

Mike Doddo says, “He could’ve been revived by Narcan, which all our deputies do carry.” 

Instead of getting him help, detectives say the women dragged him to the wood line, ultimately hiding his body in a shed. 

“During our initial interview, they did claim they attempted first aid and ran to neighbor’s houses, but the autopsy says they didn’t.”  

“You cannot make me believe they couldn’t call 911. They killed my kid on purpose. They did it on purpose,” said Waller.  

When asked about moving her son’s body to an outbuilding, the 44-year-old woman said this, 

“Dragged around like a dog. I’ve buried animals with more respect. I’ve seen animals not treated like that. Every day waking up now is like being run over by a bus again, run over and having someone stand on your chest, so you can’t breathe.”  

One of the women, Felicia Smith, is charged with second-degree homicide. Her mother, Carla Furlow, is charged with negligence and abuse of a corpse.  

Both women are being held on a $50,000 bond. They both have previous arrest histories in Hickman County.

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