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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The 16-year-old girl charged in the shooting death of a South Nashville man made her first court appearance Thursday.

Police said that on Nov. 9, Myeisha Brown shot 74-year-old Ruxin Wang as he was retrieving his trash can from his Claiborne Street home.

ORIGINAL STORY: 74-year-old man shot, killed while retrieving trash can in South Nashville

In the courtroom Thursday, a detective and two teenagers who were with Brown at the time of the crime testified. The two teenagers were 15 and 14 years old.

They testified that when they got out of school, they went to a bus stop in the area to purchase marijuana.

At the bus stop they ran into Myeisha Brown and another teenager.

They said all four teenagers walked to an ally where they planned to smoke the marijuana near Claiborne Street.

The teens said at that time, Brown showed them she had gun. Two of the teens said once they saw the gun, they took off running. They said that is when they heard gunshots.

Earlier in the day, News 2 spoke with the victim’s son Yun Wang. He said he wants justice for his father.

“It is tragic that someone who is at such a beautiful age, they have a full life in front of them and they throw it all away. That’s tragic, but I hope the system works and brings justice. They need to pay for the crime they caused and the harm they caused. Not just to our family but to society,” said Wang.

Police have not recovered a gun in this case, and none of the teenagers who testified said they actually saw Brown shoot Ruxin Wang.