SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Shelbyville investigator is calling the recent murder of a 14-year-old boy “one of the most tragic murders” he’s been involved in.

Police have now named Horatio Lewis Rice as the shooter. He is wanted for First-Degree Murder. Police said a second individual, identified as Michael Anthony Caldwell, is a person of interest.

“It’s senseless and it should not have happened,” said Brian Crews, deputy chief for Shelbyville Police.

Investigators say it was right around 9 p.m. Monday evening when Israel Diego Pascual was leaving the Duck River Laundry on N. Main Street in Shelbyville when a gunman opened fire, killing the high school freshman.

“It’s bad. The world has come down to that…kids being killed instead of having a life,” said William Riggins, who often does his laundry at Duck River.

Deputy Chief Crews said Pascual was with his 22-year old brother at the time of the shooting. His parents were also at the business just moments before the shooting.

“This is a family, who on a Monday night, was taking care of the family’s laundry at a local laundromat,” said Crews. “[They] loaded the clothes into their car to head back home for the night and unfortunately lost their son.”

Pascual was in 9th grade at Shelbyville Central High School. Investigators say he had no prior involvement in criminal activities.

“Our best guess right now is – this is a case of mistaken identity and that this child was tragically killed as an innocent victim,” said Deputy Chief Crews.

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The tragic killing now leaves a community shaken and a family to grieve an unimaginable loss.

“I’m not coming back here to wash my clothes,” said Alicia Gonzalez, a frequent customer. “I know it’s not their fault, but for something to happen that close — I have nieces and nephews that some time come with us, and I would hate for something to happen.”

Shelbyville investigators say they have no leads in the case but have surveillance video from the laundromat and nearby businesses.