13-year-old calls 911, saves mother after she unexpectedly collapses


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A 13-year-old was able to respond quickly when his mother unexpectedly collapsed last Friday.

“She was walking to take us food and she collapsed right there,” said Sajjad Abdel. “I’m like, oh no, I have to do something.”

Wasting no time, Abdel grabbed a phone and dialed 911. For the next 10 minutes he was coached by 911 dispatchers as emergency personnel rushed to Hickory Forest Apartments.

The dispatcher’s relaxed tone kept Abdel at ease.

“The operator was very supportive, she helped me all the way in everything,” he said.

In the call, the operator urged Abdel to count his mother’s breathing, while coordinating with medical personnel to help them find the right building.

“Operators are very well trained in trying to assess the situation over the telephone, which is a very difficult task,” said Dr. Matthew Swarm, an emergency physician.

This story, is now serving as a lesson for all parents.

“You should go over this with your children,” explained Swarm. “Their phone number, address, and maybe pertinent medical information about their family member.”

In the end, the prognosis was good. Abdel’s mother, Nadeel, had forgotten to take cholesterol medication.

She was treated and released.

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