NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Brayden Trauernicht has always known his dad was a postman, but it wasn’t until just recently he understood how essential his job really is.

Due to social distancing laws in effect, the post office was deemed an “essential service.”

Brayden saw other people working from home, but wondered why his dad still had to go in. He also paid attention to the news and it occurred to him that something wasn’t right.

“My dad kept going to work without any protection from the coronavirus, so I wanted to help him stay protected,” Brayden said. “So we started making masks.”

All it took was a YouTube video, some materials and most importantly, the want to help.

“I am so proud, he’s got such a big heart,” said Brayden’s mom, Kelly Trauernicht. “He’s always looking for some way to help someone and I think he really exceeded himself. It’s a really great cause. You’re always proud as a parent to see your child want to do something for someone else.”

Brayden didn’t just stop at one mask. He made 75.

And counting.

His goal? “To help everyone in need and protect them from the virus.”