1 shot at Hermitage home after two men thought each other were burglars


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro police are investigating a shooting at a Hermitage home after two men thought each other were burglars. 

On August 3, police were called to a home on Dockside Drive where they found Wayne Keller shot in the side and chest. 

According to Keller, his friend owned the home and he was staying there while working in Nashville repairing restaurant equipment.  

As he was getting ready for bed a man who was evicted from the property returned to retrieve some of his things. According to police, Keller thought the evicted man was a burglar and the evicted man thought Keller was a burglar.  

Dockside Drive shooting
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1:37 I was getting ready for bed and as I was walking to go to bed somebody barged in the door and I’d just seen a figure go by real quick and I thought what is that?” Keller said. “So when I came through there there was a strange guy in there, real frantic like, digging through something.” 

Keller put the man evicted in a chokehold and in response, the man evicted shot Keller. Keller was shot in the side and in the thigh and was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He has since been released and returned home to Johnson City. He said the shooting broke several ribs and collapsed one of his lungs.  

Keller initially did not press charges, however, he said he might change his mind. 

“I wouldn’t want to see the guy’s whole life be wasted because of one bad decision on one night, but I certainly don’t want to see him just not get any punishment at all,” Keller said.  

Keller had recently started a new position and does not yet have health insurance. A GoFundMe page has been set up for him.  

MNPD told News 2 at this time they are investigating a self-defense claim and no charges have been filed. They said both parties are cooperating.  

Police on the scene originally told News 2 the person shot was the man evicted who had returned to retrieve items.  

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