'White raccoon' spotted in Northern California

OAKLAND (KRON) - Is that what we think it is? 

A photo posted to Reddit Monday shows what appears to be a white raccoon at Oakland's Lake Merritt. 

"One of my favorite residents at Lake Merritt," Reddit user Breakfast_Is_Best captioned the rare photo taken the morning of July 8. "It's definitely wild. I see it in the morning sometimes on my way to work. It likes to hang out near the lawn bowling courts across the street from the bird sanctuary."

"I see raccoons regularly in that area of the park in the mornings, but this was the first time seeing this kind of raccoon," Breakfast_Is_Best told KRON4 on Tuesday. 

Others were quick to chime in that they too have seen the same anomaly. 

"I've seen it around! Thought it was a cat at first and was going to try to pet it until I realized my mistake," one person said. 

"There's two of them and they hang out together," another Redditor commented.

"Saw them a week or two ago and they looked in distress. Hissing at everyone and only half climbing a tree," another witness said. 

It's unknown if the raccoon is albino or leucistic, but it certainly does take our breath away! 

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