A TDOT supervisor stepped up to the mic to discuss winter storm preps and became a viral sensation.

While Greg Woerdeman was talking road salt and snow plows, Facebook went wild for him.  He was talking about ice, and viewers were thinking hot.

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The video has been viewed more than 1.3 million times since Friday, with thousands of hilarious comments that are heating up the WKRN Facebook page. The comments are coming from as far away as California, New York, even England and Australia.  Here’s a sample: 

“I just burned 500 calories watching this video…Thank you TDOT”
 “I’m headed to Nashville to get myself into trouble just so I can be rescued.”
“He’s wearing that fluorescent yellow so he can really be seen…And all of us ladies see you!!!!”
 “Now we know why 100 people a day are moving to Nashville!!!”
“Watch this beautiful man talk about brine and salt and weather then read the comments”
 “News 2 on behalf of Nashville women you need to do a follow-up video. We need to know is he single?!”

Woerdeman did not know his video was blowing up the internet until he got a call from the boss. 

“I got a phone call from our District Engineer,” he said. “They started showing me all the comments.”  

He said he got some ribbing from co-workers Saturday night as they were getting the snow plows ready and loading up the trucks with salt. 

“All the guys were making jokes. We took 5 minutes. It’s been fun.”

All his new fans should know that Greg Woerdeman is not just a pretty face. He’s a licensed professional engineer with a degree from Tennessee Tech.  As a TDOT District Operations Supervisor, he’s responsible for safety and maintenance of state roads and highways in Davidson and Williamson Counties, and he supervises about 60 people. 

“It’s a little shocking. I’ve been on the news before talking about potholes. Nobody cared.”  

For the record, Greg Woerdeman is taken.  

His girlfriend is Torrey Peak. They met at the gym.

She’s a surgical first assistant at Sumner Regional Medical Center. She’s also a professional photographer who does weddings, family portraits, and volunteers for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, a non-profit group that does remembrance photography for families that have lost an infant. 

Greg and Torrey both find all the attention unexpected and entertaining. Torrey joined in the fun with her own social media posts: 

Both said they were a little surprised by the thousands of comments posted by women and a few men. 

Torrey also got some thank you notes: “I got messages thanking me for being a confident woman!”

While some women might be bothered by all this attention from a million other people…not Torrey.