Tennessee Titans provide special senior sendoffs, offer advice for class of 2020

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Tennessee Titans are doing their part to honor the Class of 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Titans media officials told News 2 the team honored graduating high school seniors by featuring senior classes from more than 400 Tennessee high schools on the jumbotrons at Nissan Stadium. The scroll on the big screens featured a congratulatory graphic and individually listed the names of nearly every high school in Tennessee with graduating seniors.

Titans players posted to social media offering their best advice to graduates.

News 2 spoke with wide receiver Cameron Batson who said now is the time to support these students most.

“I’ll go up there and support the kids and just help them along the way because this is a tough process as far as the coronavirus is going around. Everybody’s not used to this. So, it’s definitely different. So, just trying to get things back to normal and help those kids you know, feel like they have a normal graduation is key,” Batson said.

Batson is no stranger to academia, graduating at the top of his high school class and with honors at Texas Tech. He told News 2 he’s always challenging himself to be better.

“I just strive to be the best and everything and, you know, I made sure I stayed on top of my studies. And you know, God willing, he allowed me to be the valedictorian, but it was definitely a lot of hard work put into it.”

Balancing both classwork and athletics can be a challenge, but Batson explained one must always come before the other. “The biggest key is making sure that you’re a student first because you’re you’re student-athletes, so you have to take care of your student side because no pass no play.”

Batson told News 2 that the best piece of advice he has for 2020 graduates is simply to be themselves, no matter the situation. “It’s good to know, someone that you may follow or, you know, a great leader, but at the same time, you always have to add your own little style or put your own little flavor on things to make you, you.”

He said the COVID-19 pandemic has given the Titans a unique opportunity not only to honor graduates, but to improve upon their game.

“It’s a lot of time to work on your craft and work on your weaknesses. Anything that you feel like you’re having trouble with, this is a great time to work on because you have a lot of free time. As far as football goes, we’ve been doing a lot of meetings. A lot of details are being told in those meetings and that is good because you’re able to get the details down and work a little more on those things.”

As far as any updates regarding the Titans getting back on the field, Batson said the team is remaining patient to once again, play the game he loves.

“It’s all up to the NFL. We’re just doing meetings, you know, everything is up to the NFL, we can’t control anything. So we’re just waiting to hear back.”

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