‘One shell of a time’: Planters NUTmobile rolls into Nashville

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WRKN) – Something nutty rolled into Nashville this week.

The Planters NUTmobile is just one of three touring the country right now.

It’s a 26-foot-long peanut on wheels driven by Shannon Hope (ShanNut), Owen Luterbach (PistachiOwen) and Erin Sastre (Nut Sharin’ Erin). The trio was hired to drive the vehicle for a year-long tour across the country.

The curves of the outside of the vehicle are made of pool noodles with fiberglass over them. Peanutters said driving the vehicle was intimidating at first.

“We got extensive training from the Madison Police Department in Wisconsin. We have learned how to drive this in every situation. It’s a lot of fun. We get a lot of honks, waves and some people take photos, but it’s a really good time driving in the NUTmobile,” said Sastre.

The pandemic mixed up their usual routine.

“In a normal year, we would be doing big fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting events, stuff like that, events on a larger scale. This year we are focusing on community,” explained Hope.

They’ve volunteered at food banks, Meals on Wheels, senior centers, and nursing homes.

“They tell us those seniors haven’t been out of their living space for months, and we get to be the reason they get to come out, enjoy the sunshine and smile,” said Hope.

“It’s been so rewarding going to these things. I was in Charleston last half and did a birthday party for a five-year-old, it was just him and his sister and his grandparents. In a normal year that email might have come through but we wouldn’t be able to do it. We would be doing retail or a festival. But this year, we said let’s go! It was so fun, and I could just tell that its going to be a memory that sticks forever,” expressed Luterbach.

“This year has been really unique in we get to plan our own events. We look at local Facebook communities and people can request us for any type of event they have. Whatever to put a smile on your face, we are here for it,” said Sastre.

The inside of the vehicle also tells the history of Mr. Peanut.

“There’s a timeline on the ceiling of Mr. Peanut that shows him changing through the ages. From back when he first appeared on packaging in 1919, all the way to the present day. We also have a peanut shaped dashboard, and if you look there are peanut influences all throughout the vehicle,” pointed out Sastre.

There is also a cashew closet in the back of the NUTmobile. Peanutters told News 2 the closet has more than 400 pounds of nuts inside at all times.

The crew is also in town to promote a scholarship fund for the NCAA Tournament.

“There’s a promo we are doing the Planters Trick Shot Challenge. You log on to Instagram or Tik Tok and you post a video of a trick shot including a Planters product or even a basketball will work. Do something cool and hashtag planters trick shot challenge, you’ll see the rules online, and you could win $50,000 towards college for a scholarship. It’s a pretty nutty competition,” explained Luterbach.

On Saturday, March 27th, fans can find the NUTmobile at the Kroger on 3410 Gallatin Pike from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and the Kroger at 711 Gallatin Ave 2 p.m.-5 p.m. 

To follow the team and where they travel, you can follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

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